Android boxes and online streaming have been out for some time but most people didn’t really understand what they could do.  To make it simple, if you hooked up your computer to your TV you could do the same things.  Problem is that most people don’t want to hook their computer to the TV and they wouldn’t know what to do with it.  It also would be time consuming to do the same things using a computer (streaming online movies, stream tv, etc..).  So the Android box turns your TV into a SMART TV.

 All Android boxes on the market use some type of app to access everything. The most common one is called Kodi. Kodi can be difficult to use, problematic, and frustrating when it comes to searching for and watching online content. When Kodi is working great, it’s a fine comparison but market research shows that Kodi has many cases where the box needs to be brought back to the seller for reprogramming, and updates. Research also shows the common problem where the box needs to be removed from the power source, the app deleted and then reinstalled to work again. 

 Our custom-made app on SWITCHbox makes everything much simpler and more enjoyable and that’s why our boxes are the Premier Quality Entertainment, Gaming, and Social Media Hub.  

SWITCHbox features

- Worldwide Remote Tech Support (depending on what package you choose these may be for 1 year or 2 years) (Competitors typically require you to bring in or send in, at your cost, your box to get support.)  They may charge for each servicing as well.

- 1 Year Manufacturer's Hardware Warranty (Most competitors offer 3 months warranty, if any)

- Enjoy UNLIMITED content on your TV. SWITCHbox search engine FINDS and STREAMS almost ANY AUDIO or VIDEO file online WITHIN SECONDS

- Designed to be very USER-FRIENDLY, SWITCHbox user interface auto updates and self cleans for ZERO MAINTENANCE

- Play all your existing digital media in almost any format and enjoy all your photo albums and home movies on your SWITCHbox

- Compatible with all Kodi add-ons for both FREE and PAID subscription services for TV Shows, Movies, Live IPTV

- Replaces MAG 250, 254, 256, Avov, Dreamlink devices and plays IPTV subscription services flawlessly

- Get direct access to all your Android apps and turn your TV into the Ultimate Entertainment, Social Media, and Gaming Hub

- Enjoy access to over 10,000 Games from Arcade Machines and Retro Gaming Consoles

- Pre-loaded with productivity apps like Gmail, Drive, Chrome, Skype, Quick Support, and more

- Choose from over 1,000,000 games and apps available on the Google Play Store

- Watch any of the 80,000,000 videos on YouTube in up to 4K resolution

- Access your subscription service apps like Netflix, Crackle, Hulu, Crave, and Shomi (some of these may be different in Australia)

- Mirror apps like FreeRange TV, Mobile TV, Anyplace TV, and Optik on the go, onto your TV (these will be different in Australia)

WHYus not a HOBBYist

- Always a brand-new device guaranteed (we open every package to re-test every device thoroughly before you get it)

- Original hardware direct from the manufacturer and major suppliers

- Canadian UL certified power cords and properly ventilate hardware with heat sinks to prevent over-heating

- Every device is updated to the latest firmware and continues to receive Over the Net firmware updates

- Every device is tested for Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Digital Audio, SPDIF Audio Output, up to 4K Playback

- Quick Start tutorial included to get you using your box in minutes

- Comprehensive videos coming soon of simple How-to Guides will be online at our website www.mySWITCHbox.com

- We hold annual factory visits with the manufacturers to ensure high quality standards and warranty

SWITCHbox is a premium product for a price that is right in the middle to high end of what’s out there currently.  The typical box retails at about $100-$150 and installation of a user interface runs from $50-$100, but the problem is that they are slow, have no real warranty, and are loaded only with the problematic Kodi software.  In addition, the links to online content are not regularly updated, if at all, and therefore it’s only a matter of time before your box becomes a useless paper weight.  SWITCHbox solves these problems and will be offered to the customer in the $300-$500 range.  This will depend on what package you choose.